Meet Brian from Twiggargerie

Today we have the pleasure of having Brian Bell of Twiggargerie in our showroom to catch up and have a chat about his wonderful brand, how it came to fruition and what it has evolved to be. Today we gain an insight to the man behind it all. Coming from a non-creative background, Brian’s professional life is diverse encompassing the world of business, creativity and entrepreneurship. The Twiggargerie pieces you all know and love adapt and enhance any interior adding a plash of colour, texture and a natural delicacy. 

Brian firstly thank you for taking the time to come in today. Can you tell us a little about your professional background. What path led you to Twiggargerie?

Well my professional background has been in Sales and Marketing, mostly in the aluminum industry for a large corporate company. Not really overly creative although I always loved doing practical things with my hands. The path into Twiggargerie was through helping out a friend who needed some creative pieces for a client. Due to time constraints as she was leaving the country in a week’s time, I stepped in and made some pieces and things grew from there. A contact from Julia Green at Greenhouse had taken the Twiggargerie brand places I would only have dreamt of!

What a wonderful beginning to what is now a much-loved brand! How would you describe your work, what influences your pieces?

I love using natural wood as I get to meet some interesting people when I knock on their door and ask if I can walk through their orchard with my secateurs in hand, which is exactly what I did recently in Warrandyte.  Using natural wood also allows me freedom with the wood as no one expects the pieces to be perfect – this is natural wood after all and I try not to do much with it. The work itself is quite labor intensive ie each cube has 12 pieces that all need to be cut and then each piece is then drilled and glued to ensure their integrity! So an order for 12 cubes involves 144 cut pieces and 288 drill holes! But I still enjoy taking the pieces to their colourful finish. Colour is the best thing by far and I am fortunate to have some clever people around me in this area as my daughters think I am hopeless with colour – they are probably right!

How wonderful! Can you give us a little insight into your creative process?

My most creative pieces are the cube sculptures and I love making them and never have too many set ideas of how they will look, but prefer to just let them flow. I have a desire to make a large sphere of cubes about 2 meters across – just need the space and the client to make it for! I never feel that I a m a creative person but sometimes I surprise myself!

Creativity takes all shapes and forms don’t they say? We will certainly keep our eye out for that amazing sphere. What are some resources that you go to when you’re in need of inspiration?

I am very lucky to have super clever and creative twin daughters who are always saying “Dad have you thought about making…………?”, plus knowing the crew from Greenhouse Interiors is a real bonus. Just keep the ideas coming, I say .

What a powerful network! You are a part of a very creative family. Tell us what that dynamic is like. Will there be a collaboration on it’s way?

I have twin daughters, Jemma and Phoebe who are fabulous   (I am ever so slightly biased!) and I like to think I have a great relationship with both of them. Jemma has had a children’s book published, runs her own children’s bedding business, and lives in Jaipur in India. Jemma always finds a way to land on her feet. Phoebe started Sageandclare from scratch a few years ago and it is doing super well. She is becoming a very good business person, is very determined and has provided me with Jude my first Grandson. I am very proud of both of them. Its not that often we are all together these days but have a lot of fun when we are.

Mmm a collaboration is a good idea and as we are all together very soon, I shall raise it and see where it leads!

Our latest custom pieces with Twiggergerie are dropping in Clickon stores soon. Tell us why these pieces we love so much work so well in so many spaces?

To be honest, I think their simplicity and the fact that they are natural is a big plus. I also have always tried to make them available to as many people as possible through my pricing approach.  I have always tried to make sure people have an enjoyable experience when placing orders with me as I try to make it as easy as possible.


We completely agree with you there – they are certainly a favourite in our showrooms and you as always are a pleasure to work with! What’s next for Twiggargerie?

I really want to do more creative sculptural pieces and maybe organize an exhibition at some point. Keep on dreaming, I say.

Brian, thank you so much for your time today. What a wonderful insight! We will keep a keen eye out to see what is around the corner for yourself you’re your wonderful brand Twiggargerie.

Our latest customized pieces from Twiggargerie are to be released this week. Stay tuned.

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